The Grand Tour des Ecrins

The Grand Tour des Ecrins

Welcome "into the wild"!

Grand tour des ecrins

Discover all the highlights of the Écrins National Park step by step, making your way at your own pace at the heart of untamed, unspoilt nature.
The "Grand Tour des Écrins" provides a prestigious panorama over the high mountains, accessible on foot. The powerful charm of the mountain range can be enjoyed during a hike, a mountain-bike ride, on a donkey or horseback... A gentle trail where you have the time to contemplate the preserved heritage of this small region with its great big spaces, and savour the riches of multi-coloured nature.
Plunge into the heart of the Alps. Take up the challenge of an immersion in our living, exciting valleys.
Let yourself dream as you face our breathtaking glaciers, during this major Alpine hiking trip along the legendary GR® 54 that runs around the highest summits, such as the Barre des Écrins (4102 m).
For an easier walk, take the time to enjoy the fresh air during the easy panoramic trails around the mountainside, calling out to be experienced and shared.
Welcome to this little-known land and enjoy your trip, whether it lasts for two days or - two weeks!

panoramic trail on the GR54Panoramic trail on the GR® 54 © Bertrand Bodin - PNE
Hiking on the GR54Walking holidays on the GR® 54 © Bertrand Bodin - PNE
Mountain bike at Puy-Saint-Vincent, Pousterle mountain pass © Bertrand Bodin - PNE
Pastoralism in the Ecrins national park © Bertrand Bodin - PNE
Linaigrettes at the Jumeaux lake and Roc Diolon © Bertrand Bodin - PNE


Parc national des Ecrins